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regrets ever stepping into the Cary office

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Do you want to know the best techniques of video production? Then positively DO NOT go to Carolina Custom Video! They are the perfect recipe for disaster mixed into one. They listen, they try to get a grip of your vision, they contemplate and then they destroy. I have never seen such weak and underdeveloped videos. Moreover, they seem so careless about any situation posed before them that you will feel reluctant to let them know about any issues.
My friend went to them for the production of a business video. It was supposed to be a simple video where the services his company provided were clearly illustrated for ease of understanding and everything could be communicated to anyone watching it. However, they seemed to have another idea where they made something out of everything’s way. My friend gave them another chance and provided them with another briefing. You would think they took him seriously this time? Maybe somewhere where the customer comes first, but not here. They seemed to care even less this time. My friend insisted on one more remake, and guess what, they were polite enough to do it but not considerate enough to do it according to his briefings. My friend had had it down to the last straw. He requested to pack everything up and asked for the final invoice. It was triple the amount they had talked about! Apparently, he had made them do it thrice and their time had some value, unlike my friend’s briefings. It was surprising to see that he simply paid them their money and got out of there as soon as possible. He was just relieved to be free of such a company and immediately contacted a better one. He is much happier with the results and regrets ever stepping into the Cary office of Carolina Custom Video.

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