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By far the WORST experience I have ever had at a dealership

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I’m not one to drive a car for quite two years. I get bored. Needless to mention, I’ve traded in and purchased cars more times than I can even count.
My past two vehicles have been Hyundai. So, when deciding to lease or buy my sister a car, I assumed I might put her during this same direction. She went back to school a year ago and works a really crummy part time job. To ease her financial burden, I made a decision it had been time to trade her car certain a lower payment, that I could pay myself. My credit is wonderful and i have never missed a payment, on anything in my life. I went ahead and got pre-approved for a loan before lecture a salesman. I told him our situation, what proportion I wanted to spend and made it clear that I wanted the vehicle in my name only. I live a couple of hours away, and asked if we could do everything over the phone, as I had done so with my last Hyundai purchase. We found out a time for my sister to return up there and hopefully put her into a replacement vehicle. I was excited and ready to make a purchase!
She gets there and they start the ”game”. He tells her that her car is essentially worthless. When her payoff is less than the amount the same vehicle with higher miles is selling for. Why? Well, I know this move. This is a move to urge a better APR. A trick I know not to fall for. At this point I’m angry. I’ve already been pre-approved. I know whenever my credit is run, it affects my score. After twenty minutes, my visibly upset sister had to trace this guy down, to seek out her keys so she will leave. I felt so, so, so bad. My sister is busy changing her stars, to form a far better life for herself. All I wanted to try to to was show her how proud I’m of her. They ruined it. A few days later this salesman sends me the standard text about the ”negative” equity in her car consistent with Kelly blue book, but please come on in and they can ”play with other numbers”. Maybe this tactic works on most girls. They really picked the wrong one. Daddy didn’t raise a fool. If you wish getting the frolic, and playing the rear and forth game. Please go here. Being a busy woman, I don’t have time for that. Sent an inquiry to ask about pricing. Got a phone call back and a text. Called they still would not tell me their bottom-line pricing. Lady said she wasn’t able to give that want me to talk to someone else I waited and the phone rang back to the receptionist. No one at that place could tell me anything except that wasn’t there job. This was a total waste of my time. These people know exactly how much they have in a vehicle including incentives, rebates, Holdback and reserve. But heaven forbid they give me a straight answer on the Phone. Worst experience ever!!!!!

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