Carroll R. Butler DDS

selfish money monger who doesn’t care about his patient

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My son faced some gum problems ever since he was a kid. And we always took him to Dr. Carroll R. Butler who also happened to be our family dentist. Ever since, we have had to take him to check up regularly as the doctor had diagnosed his gums to have lacked the vitamins and integrity which was essential for healthy gums. We never questioned the doctor’s diagnosis and went along with whatever treatment he deemed fit.
But over the past few months I found my son having increasing troubles with chewing as his gums kept bleeding with minimum exertion. So I made an appointment with the doctor on the 2nd of May, which is last month. When I went for the checkup, the doctor gave the usual diagnosis and prescribed some meds. But my son kept complaining of toothache and refused to eat anything as his teeth hurt.
Being quite unsure about what to do, we sought a second opinion and to our great surprise the doctor said that the disease which my son suffered from is easily curable through a simple surgery. Astonished we readily accepted it and the next days, that is on the 23rd of May, 2019, we went for surgery. After that my son couldn’t move his jaw properly for three to four days leading me to wonder whether I had made the right choice but since the 5th day I started seeing remarkable improvement in my son’s condition and within a week the bleeding gums and sore teeth were gone. After about a fortnight, my son was as normal as he has ever been.
The next time we went to see Dr. Butler for my husband’s checkup, I was quite excited to tell him about our son’s treatment. Instead of being happy, given the fact that he was our family doctor, he chastised us harshly and asked us to never visit him again and refused to perform the checkup on my husband. Further on the way out his receptionist harassed us by saying that we have no respect and should never set foot on the clinic ever again.
We never blamed the doctor for the wrong diagnosis or the prolonged treatment instead of the easy solution. We thought that him being a human being, a mistake was normal. But the way he treated us is completely unprofessional and I felt horrible afterwards. I think everybody should know the kind of person the doctor is and see him for what he is, an egotistic, selfish money monger who doesn’t care about his patient’s happiness.

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