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Horrible Experience !!!

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I have been married for about 6 years at the time when my mother-in-law recommended Centre for reproductive health in Spokane due to their popular fertility success rate. I had Polycystic ovarian syndrome since I have been menstruating. Although my gynecologist mentioned about the risks I might face when I am older, I was too young at the time to understand the seriousness of the condition. I had an irregular menstrual cycle and sometimes I bleed for twice a month. I hoped to get over this condition so that I could get pregnant but it was a huge mistake on my part to trust Centre for reproductive health.
The Center for Reproductive Health housed multiple gynecologists and Fertility Specialists. I had my appointment for both of them but probably my luck wasn’t with me at that time as both of the experiences were horrible. Even the staff and helpers of that Centre weren’t sympathy even towards my situation. I started bleeding since the morning of my appointment, and I was in extreme pain at that time. Still, I had gone to my appointment with the assistance of some pain killers. The doctors weren’t sympathetic at all towards my situation. Instead, they were critical about me having pain killer in spite of suffering from Polycystic ovarian syndrome, instead of providing me any helpful advice recommendation or examining me they straight on informed me that they can’t do anything about my situation and I will never be able to get pregnant.
After experiencing such horrible service from such a reputable organization I became depressed and thought that something was wrong with me. But after that, I schedule an appointment with a different gynecologist who helped me through that phase. And now I am pregnant with my first child due to her support and correct diagnosis. I will probably never recommend Centre for reproductive health to any woman so that it doesn’t have to go through such an experience.

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