Century 21

The agent has shown incredible unprofessional-ism and unethical behavior

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Century 21 is an online agent service that helps you buy or sale a property. This is a Houston based company the run the online service. However, it has been accused of several deceptive activity and falseness. To begin with, the instance of Derek from St. Petersburg is to be mentioned. While selling his property via Century 21 he encountered some issues with the finances. The buyer didn’t issue a proper cheque and the agents increased the sale amount which had cost him a larger amount of payable tax. Another accusation is that of providing false documents and pictures and while complained about it, no measure of aids were taken.
Another instance shows the naked truth about their service. To quote the victim, “He was very rude and said well… they might be interested in a lease option for maybe 12 months with 30-40% down, I again said I am working on 11K so there is no way I could come up with that amount. He said good luck, they will NOT accept nothing less and I should look maybe somewhere cheap and hung up. How unprofessional, this guy treated me like some piece if trash.” Hence it is quite evident that the management committee is not trustworthy at all.
Moreover, there are a number of complaints about providing with false information. The agents have been accused repeatedly of irresponsibility, careless treatment of the clients, and much more. Some have claimed of their terrible behavior on and off sight and also of portraying a decisive character while visiting the selling party.
Therefore, it requires to be aware and well-informed about it before indulging in any business dealings through them.

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