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Please pray for my son and never ever go to Dr. Johnson and this clinic for treatment

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This dental care center increased the fear of dental surgery of my son and also ruined his already crooked smile. He has now developed sensory issues due to the wrongly executed surgery. Dr. Johnson seemed very reliable at first but with time we understood his intentions. He is too mechanical and just went on with the procedure without paying any heed to my son’s pain. His teeth had outgrown in his mouth and had cut his tongue. So, we planned to remove it and also put tooth insertions to repair his smile. He is just eight years old so he was quite shaken up from the start. After, the surgery, he has developed many other problems. His tongue felt numb at times. He also has a sensitive gum issue. It also bleeds sometimes. When we shared these problems, which cropped up after the surgery, he dismissed it as side effects of the surgery which would go away with time. But it is not going away till date. It has been two years. After the surgery, we have gone to him, five times asking about these problems. But he neglected all of it. When we asked another surgeon, he said that it was an effect of the anesthesia which was causing the numbing effect and bleeding gums. It would go away with some exercises and slight medicine. Then, we felt relieved. But in the initial surgery, the tooth implant had also been administered wrongly. It was in turn, a failed operation. We are in despair now. We have to take our son for another surgery. This is not only financially affecting us. But our son is losing patience and becoming more scared with each passing day. I am scared about him too. Please pray for my son and never ever go to Dr. Johnson and this clinic for treatment. It is because of their negligence that my son is suffering so much.

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