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Charlie has become overconfident and arrogant

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A friend of mine got a full sleeve tattoo done from Charlie and it was a perfect one I have ever seen but when I went to get a small tattoo done on my left arm it ended up to be a disaster. First of all I got an appointment after one or two weeks which was annoying as I had to wait a long time. Then when finally I visited his studio he was already busy and seem to be very overconfident when I explain to him my idea of the tattoo. I hardly explained him in just 2 lines when he cut me off and told me that he has understood. Being a well-established tattoo artist who is popular in the region, I thought he has actually understood what I tried to say but when he drew the layout it was nothing close to what I told him. He was adamant to not change or modify the design and I failed to make him understand as he would not listen. Finally, I had to compromise and settle down with the design that was not even close to what I wanted. The whole tattoo session was painless and the ink seem to be just right but I realised the bigger problem of it after a few days when the ink started to you fade away and it never got back its colour. I told this to Charlie but he accused me instead saying that I did not took proper care of it but in reality I did actually applied whatever he told me. He was too arrogant to to accept his fault and told me that it I was unnecessarily accusing him from day one. I did not want to argue any further with him as his tone was getting more rude and I felt there was no way I could now rectify this. I have been suggested by my close people to get it removed as the tattoonow holds no meaning for me as it is not even close to what I thought and even the ink has faded.There is no point in re- inking it again. I did not expect this bad experience from Charlie as the whole internet is filled with good reviews of him. Maybe with so much fame Charlie has become overconfident and arrogant of his work where he is blind towards criticism and even not providing the customers with what they want.

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