Children’s dental village

in place of dentists, other people work there. Beware

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The same is located in Tempe and was the nearest to my home. I thought going there will be the best idea because the pain of my child was unbearable. All he did there was sit there with one hand on his face and cry. Wasn’t able to see him in that way and finally decided to rush back to these dental service providers who claimed to be the best in the area. I don’t know why so but my urgency made me take their service without checking the reviews or enquiring to someone close who might give me an actual idea as regards who to visit in times of need.
We rushed and found that there were two major doctors or better to call them senior dental team naming Dr Padilla and Dr Lepetich were available but what we see that the practitioner working under them came forward to deal with our child.
How can they risk our child to someone so new? I totally get it that without practice no one gets per cent but At least at extreme conditions, the doctors must come forward for help and make the child feel better.
No matter what they call themselves as I will definitely give them a title of cruel and unreliable people who pass on their duty. The best and stupid delegates for sure.
The next we see the pain was cured by a simple injection which was temporary and we were given a list of medicines that were to be bought and given on a daily basis.
It was near about 10 in numbers for sure and I say they’re looking at the doc who was more concerned about our next visit rather than a child’s health. Such money suckers I say.
From my end, I won’t recommend their service at all. Don’t go with the risky condition of a child at all.

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