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A big NO to this Rehab Centre!

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Worst place ever! An absolute joke and not safe. Fire hazard and inedible meals, plan to buy food from ”store”. Very unprofessional and gross. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Are you being healed or being distracted with luxuries offered. Healing is personal for you but professional for them. Do they really want to cure or they want to make money!
Being away from home is one of the hardest and scariest part of going to a rehabilitation centre although the centre has such a clean bright and cozy feel that I think would make anyone comfortable. Curing a person while keeping him inside their comfort zone is questionable!

Being a patient with an alcohol and drug treatment is an easy task, if the patient does what the programs tell them. The patient must be truthful with him/herself before treatment works

‘If you are not accepting that you are addicted then nobody can provide cure, once you’ve accepted you can come out of it for sure’
 If you are making a choice to be in a rehab for treatment which has dollars involved in it you would want to get cured at every cost or would like to get addicted to lots of medicines. My personal experience says that in order to get you rid of the addiction they get you addicted to the medicines. Medicines can’t cure you and some medicines have after effects too. The medicine they provided me had a lot of after effects on me and that is what I wasn’t expecting there. I was expecting to be getting healed naturally. Being completely alienated was the first scary thing, the second was the medications I was put on and third was the tension regarding the after effects. I wouldn’t even imagine to recommend this to anyone ever. These guys can save many lives and bring about positive changes, only if they did so!! And one more thing that I would like to mention that in order to get the medicines I had to take a lot of pain in order to get the medicines re-filled and prior to that I had to provide a week’s notice which was frustrating and all at the same time! So, in order to get healed you can prefer many other great places other than this. This shouldn’t be in any one’s preference list. A big NO to this Rehab Centre!!

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