Christopher J. Manduzzi, DDS, PC

very bad service..must avoid and warn others too

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I almost always had a bad experience everywhere and that’s why I can’t quickly believe anything. When I heard about this place Christopher J. Manduzzi, DDS, PC I was skeptical about it and researched a lot before opting for their service. My research brought on positive results except for a few negative comments, Christopher J. Manduzzi had an almost untainted review. That is why after getting adequate information from their staff I booked an appointment to get the perfect smile I always wanted.
I have misplaced teeth and huge gaps in between all of my frontal teeth. This has always had a negative effect on my self-confidence. I want a perfect smile with symmetrical teeth just like others. But this experience solidified my belief that I can never get anything easily. My appointment was booked and I reached the facility about an hour ahead of the appointment. Unfortunately, I had to sit for about 2 hours before I could meet my doctor, it was just the beginning of my native experience. As I was a teenager and visiting alone none of the staff even bothered to answer my question about my appointment and why I had to wait. Later I found out that a relative of the doctor visited him and she didn’t have an appointment so they reschedule my appointment, as I was a teenager and my parents weren’t with me at that time.
During the checkup, I was extremely disappointed with the lack of understanding and knowledge of the doctor. She totally ignored my explanation about the displacement of my teeth and just kept on blabbering about how I have to get a full cosmetic surgery to get the teeth I want. My parents were already against me getting any such surgery before I turn 18, they will never approve of such a procedure. I left the chamber without any procedure done as I was afraid that they will do something bad to me as I was only 15 and visiting alone at that time.
Now I have had a simple cosmetic surgery done which has enhanced my smile. I will never recommend Christopher J. Manduzzi, DDS, PC to anyone after what I had to face there. All of the staff and doctors where inconsiderate of a teenager and didn’t even bother to explain anything truthfully. They were just taking advantage of a vulnerable kid.

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