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customer service is highly poor

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Cleaning Revolution company provide the service of house cleaning. But  I was very disappointed  by their work. They just created mess in my house. First of all, booking them was a task. I dialled at least two to three times but no one picked up the call, left a message as well as an email but there was no response from their side. When I finally could connect to

their call, they replied they could not work on the required date as none of the workers are free till that. So, I ended up taking an appointment for two weeks later. I think it was a bad decision to make so much efforts to contact them. One more thing that I would like to mention here is that they seriously have odd timings. Like from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, who is at home at that time. Most of the people are working. So I decided to take an off just to get the cleaning of house done.

On the day of work, the workers arrived one and half hours late. I was just again and again calling. They should have at least texted that they are going to be late. I gave them a list of what all are required to be cleaned along with the main focus area in each. I asked them to start from kitchen but they started from bathroom. On my repeated instructions they agreed to do kitchen first. I already brought the things required for cleaning paper napkins, sponges etc. Till the time I was in front of them they used them and as soon as my back was turned they used the filthy material they brought. I began to lose my temper seeing all this.

I contracted to pay them for four to six hours , they finished the whole of work in one and half hour and demanded the payment. I was quite amazed at first. When I checked the house it was looking pretty clean so I made the payment. On a closer observation, I discovered there were some spots which they left and I had strictly instructed to clean them. I again contacted the owner asking him to send the workers as they had not clean properly. I had demanded deep cleaning of the house and waited for a week. But the results were not at all worth it. The manager send he would send the workers but I will have to pay extra to them. So I decided to clean it myself and it took me almost four hours to clean everything  properly. Surprisingly, they worked one and half hours and I worked four hours on cleaning.

The customer service is highly poor. I will never ever go to them for cleaning and will not even recommend anyone for this. It is just a waste of money. The company is spam and highly unprofessional. The customer requests are not taken care of and it is really tedious to work with their timings.

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