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Did I really deserve this kind of behavior or treatment at all?

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Oh how I regret the day I decided to go to this clinic for my root canal! The first day I visited the clinic I had to wait for more than three long hours before I left without getting to see the doctor. Since I was really stupid, I went to the clinic again the very next day. I could meet the doctor this time but I was still disappointed.

They started off with my root canal before curing the infection on the tooth. Dr. Qamar poked the tooth very hard causing me an excruciating pain. He even said that I was telling him made-up stories about my pain. He also told me that the tooth beside the infected tooth also required root canal. This came to me as shock as no other specialist had said this before. Anyway, when I told him a few days later that the pain in my tooth was still there, he retorted very rudely and refused to help me anymore. I had already paid for the treatment which was a lump sum. Did I really deserve this kind of behavior or treatment at all?

I was told that I will be receiving a reimbursement within a few days. It has been a few months after that and I still have not received any reimbursement. I am still trying to find a proper dentist whom I can trust and who will be skillful enough to treat me properly. I do not want anyone to fall prey to this clinic and its so called well-trained dentists who know nothing else other than looting their patients by hook or by crook. What I believe is that even if they are unable to provide sufficient treatment, at least they should behave well with their customers. It is really disappointing to see that such institutions are still thriving on this planet.

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