Clearlife hearing care

dejected to find the staffs rude, inattentive and dismissive.

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Clearlife hiring care center does not care about providing any better service to clients. Since the doctors do not come and visit their client’s home to provide service, I had to go to the center. The service provided to me was terrific. The staffs lacked in professional expertise. My audiologist, Mika in gram was horrible. I am completely displeased with the service that Doctor Ingram provided. She did not assist me in finding a suitable hearing aid which will be easy for me to use. As a result I ended up choosing one which has not been satisfactory for me. Neither did she give time to listen to my queries and explain and provide further information regarding my issue. The result of all of this callousness and lack of seriousness of the doctor, is that there is no improvement in my hearing issue. I am unhappy and upset with the behavior of the receptionist and her inability to answer my questions properly. This also spoke volumes about her lack of dedication to her work. I was dejected to find the staffs rude, inattentive and dismissive. The lacked in professional mannerisms.
I genuinely hope that they take a look at the faults and shortcomings and take initiatives to provide a better and quality service to their clients. They should inculcate in them good values and treat people with respect. Also the staff members need to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline in them. They should try to live up to the promises that they make to their clients. If possible the doctors should try to visit their client’s house to provide the service. This will be beneficial for older people who cannot drive. They should strive harder to provide a better and satisfying service to their customers.

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