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Everybody should know about her true nature before going to her for medical purposes

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My experience with Clements Dental first started when I went there for a checkup after I experienced a minor ache in my gums while trying to chew my food. After going through some available doctors, I decided on Dr. Tara Clements. As I live in Shelbyville, Dr. Clements was easily accessible to me. So I called up the number which was enlisted as +1 931-685-970. The receptionist on the other end was very courteous and helped me thoroughly as I booked an appointment for 30th April, 2019.
On the decided date I reached the Clements Dental Clinic at 710 N Brittain St Ste C. After sometime when my turn came in the line, I was ushered inside where the doctor had a close look and suggested a very costly surgery and said that if I don’t get that surgery done, then I may permanently lose that tooth of mine. Not being from a very affluent background I didn’t say anything definitive and returned home. The next day I went to a friend of mine whose dad was a dentist to get a second opinion. He took a look at my tooth, gave me an ointment and asked me to eat plenty of green vegetables.
Within a month, my tooth ache had vanished and I felt as good as I ever felt. That’s when I realized the true nature of Clements Dental. Their primary job is targeting vulnerable people and draining as much as they can all the while putting up a façade of politeness and helpfulness.
I went and confronted the doctor about her diagnosis last week on 1st June. But she denied even suggesting surgery and said that she was just wondering about that. And she even went on to claim that I was being delusional and I was making up stories. Disgusted by their behavior, I left the office of Clements Dental.
I hope nobody ever has to go through the economic scare that I went through or the rude behavior afterwards. Dr. Clements should be called out for the money monger that she is. Everybody should know about her true nature before going to her for medical purposes.

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