Coastal Maine Paediatric Dentistry

advise you to avoid Coastal Maine Paediatric Dentistry at all costs

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People, I would advise you to avoid Coastal Maine Paediatric Dentistry at all costs. It was my third appointment with them and by far the worst. The office staffs are rude and unprofessional and frighten the children with their aggressiveness. I asked them basic questions about sedatives, insurance and payment procedures, which are completely reasonable, of course, but they out rightly snubbed me. Moreover, the dentist who checked my daughter was young and inexperienced. He took only ten minutes to diagnose her and charged twenty-two dollars for such a ridiculously short time. My daughter told me that they used neither nitrous nor novocaine. It is due to such inexperienced dentists as this that the patients are stripped off their money for procedures that do not cost so much, thus making the clinic lose patients fast. Such uncaring and negligent doctors are hired by the clinic for more profit, but honestly, if this continues, it will cause huge loss to them. The employees do not know how to talk or interact with children and perform the basic dentistry operations without using any anaesthetic. They do not even call any anaesthesiologist. They flatly spoke out in front of my child that she would need a root canal, making her traumatised and jetting out of the room. I was cost an additional sum of two hundred dollars, just to get basic fillings. On top of that, they do not reschedule appointments and charges you for cancelled appointments, too. I wish that the dentist had more experience with children and gently talked and assuaged my daughter’s fear so that she would not stay frightened through the process. Since then, my child has developed this irrational fear of dentists and it took a considerable amount of time before we could make her visit another dentist, who thankfully, alleviated her worries.

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