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They are going to ruin it and charge you for it

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I run a small gaming café near Tampa Bay. It has been about 3 years since I opened up this café and honestly business has been pretty average. Recently after some renovations and after acquiring some new gaming PCs I decided to try and get some advertisements up for my café so that business receives a boost. As per my plan I started looking at various graphic designing websites to help me with my advertisement plans. Through a friend of mine I got to know about Company Man Studios. After going through their website extensively and reading the reviews posted by consumers who have been extremely satisfied with their work, I decided to hire them to help me with my advertisement.
As per my decision I drove up to their office at 2008 W Kennedy Boulevard on 11th April after fixing an appointment on the 6th of April, 2019. After I reached there, they promised me that my work was in good hands. After a little bit of negotiations, we settled on the price and I made a down payment of half the amount.
But after two weeks I received no response from the company. Feeling a little worried I called them up at +1 813-251-6111 and enquired about my work when they assured me that it is being done. I fixed an appointment the very next day to go and check on it myself. The next day however, as I entered the company, I got to know that my work has been done, and apparently they couldn’t reach me on my cellphone.
Even though I was astonished at this, I went to look at the hoardings I ordered without further ado. To my bewilderment, not only were the hoardings of a much inferior quality than the ones they put on display, they even got the name of my company wrong. When I enquired about it, they proceeded to put the blame on me and blamed me for not giving the right phone number. After arguing with them over an extensive period they remained adamant that they had done nothing wrong and demanded the full payment. I refused to do so and discarded their work on the spot and demanded my money back which they promptly refused. I filed an FIR at the police station but I don’t have much hopes of getting my money back.
All I want everybody to know is that research and look as much as you want but never ever trust Company Man Studios with anything. They are going to ruin it and charge you for it.

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