Complete Care ER De Zavala

staff were so weird and unprofessional

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Complete Care ER De Zavala is an emergency centre in San Antonio. Though the place is very famous and highly reputed in society I didn’t find it worthy at all. I don’t know why it has high ratings, as per my personal experience it was the worst place I have ever been too. It’s a big place and an emergency centre still there is nothing you can call as synchronized. Everything is so messy and haphazard. You won’t be able to find harmony among the staff. They literally pissed me off.

I went there as from the past few days I was not well so, I felt the need to visit a health centre. This was the most nearby and popular one, so I went here. But from the very beginning moment, I was a bit hesitant to go here. I was getting some negative vibes here. As it is said sometimes you need to go with your intuitions. I went to the reception to confirm my appointment, but the lady was lazy. As she was working very slowly that led to the formation of a long queue. She was taking so long to attend one patient. I was the sixth one in the queue and it took her to attend me more than thirty

minutes. Pathetic!!! She was very irresponsible on her part. Even after when the appointment was confirmed, I had to wait a further forty minutes. Finally, when it was my turn, I went inside the cabin and sat on the seat in front of the doctor. He asked firmly to me about my problem. I explained to him everything in a very detailed form. Initially, I found him good but little did I know that he was swindling me. At first, he asked me to get an X-ray. I don’t know why he said this. When I asked him about the reason, he said rudely just get it done. Horrible!! After I got the X-ray, he told me that I had nothing I was completely fine. I told him that I might have the flu and it doesn’t relate with X-ray. He furiously replied to me that it’s his job and he knows better than me. I mean, how weird. How could he behave like that with her patients? He just gave me few medicines and asked me to come next week. Till the next week, my condition was even worsened, when I told him about the same, he again said to me that I was completely fine. He again prescribed me some medicines. With every passing day, my health condition was worsening. One day, I fainted and I was brought to the hospital in an emergency case. I had the flu. That doctor doesn’t know anything.

I would never ever recommend this place. Don’t take a chance, you would cause your own life at stake. The doctor, the nurse, and the other staff were so weird and unprofessional. One should not trust these people they might cause your life.

Don’t waste your time and money here.

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