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extremely unsatisfying as well as a horrifying experience

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I had an extremely unsatisfying as well as a horrifying experience at concord orthodontics. Firstly, I had booked a 3pm appointment with them on Monday and reached the centre at exactly 2.30 worrying that there would be a huge cue. There wasn’t. The doctor was already available so when I enquired as to whether I can go ahead with my appointment, they denied quite rudely. They told me sternly that my appointment is at 3pm and that why did I turn up so early in the first place. I didn’t press on and sat back for the next 20 minutes. Once it was 3 I enquired again, but they simply didn’t care. They said the doctor is busy and that I should either come back tomorrow or wait until 6pm. This was ridiculous! I asked why I wasn’t informed earlier. They seem to be interested in my issue at all.
The next day I had returned at 6 pm, this time I avoided reaching early and wasting time. After finally getting to my appointment with the doctor after waiting for almost an hour, I was met with such an impolite behavior. My upper jaw had mis-aligned teeth and in order to fix that, the options I could choose from were, braces or veneers or a surgical implant. The doctor recommended I go through a series of tests along with doing the surgery. It was quite a budget which was already quite heavy for me, but I went along with it. He recommended I go through a complete oral clean up followed by surgery. I was hopeful that the surgery would change my life but the results shocked me. The surgery made my gum more sensitive to sensation making it hurt every time I chew while the crookedness of teeth was more noticeable. For the price I paid, it was definitely a waste and I would not recommend booking an appointment here if you value your own money.

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