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They are all scammers here.

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Never install any HVAC system or repair your house pipes or toilets from contractors in this site. This is a total scam. They use low quality material and unnecessarily drag the process to increase the time period and hence charge more from the customers. I have left this place because I could not handle the fakeness of everything. Page Pilot Web Generation System seems like a good and honest website only in the beginning. Once you start working as a contractor there you actually see how disgusting and manipulative ways they have. I, once went to a house with my seniors to install water pipes. We had enough material left but the seniors removed them. We again asked for more pipes and cement from the owners. I hated doing it. Once, I protested, a manager hit me. Yes! You read that right. He yelled and screamed and threatened to throw me out and since he was not satisfied with my response went ahead and punched my jaw. Others meekly stared and laughed. I felt more humiliated that I had ever felt in my life.
Another time, I had gone to a house to install HVAC systems. For their house, since they had less area it would have been better to install the ductless types. But to increase the cost, and take up more area, and drag the process, my seniors suggested the ducted type. I kept quiet since I could not do anything. I resigned right after the initial contract was over.
On top of that, we were given unequal wages. There was a very strict weird hierarchy thing there. The manager grabbed the excess money and materials and sold it elsewhere. It was creepy to watch him every day, knowing his nature. I could not work with such a manipulator. Do not choose this company. They are all scammers here.

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