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will never return here. they lost a client

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Craig N Fievet Family Dentistry has me fuming! So last week I had my appointment to get my cavity tooth removed which pained frequently with them which is a very serious surgery mind you! So I reached there according to the appointment on the fixed date at 12 am, and went up to the reception, nobody was there! After asking around and waiting for 20 mins the receptionist came , and when I told her that I had wait for so long where my tooth my starting to ache , she pretended that absolutely nothing had happened and very casually shrugged her shoulders and told me the doctor has yet not arrived! Can you imagine?! This, I came to know after nearly half an hour of reaching there! So I asked her how long will I have to wait, she did not even answer me and started attending to another patient!
I was in quite a lot of pain so I decided to not start a scene and wait for some time, because I had literally nothing else to do, I HAD to get my tooth removed that day itself, it was at such a critical stage . After ANOTHER FORTY FIVE MINUTES, the doctor finally came in, and I was not even informed at first, I came to know after probing the receptionist two times, and then I was asked to fill another form! AFTER SO LONG! They did not hand me the form all this while when I was waiting, it is like they even forgot that I existed!! And then when the doctor had arrived after nearly one hellish hour, I am asked to fill a form! *slow clap* Anyways I did what I was told to do, and after the surgery I was out of there never to return again!

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