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disgusting experience.stay away from such fraudulent org

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About four months ago, we were looking for an organization who will be able to help us out for our upcoming Annual High School Fest. We needed to publish some brochures for our faculty members and some the eminent guests who would be invited to the fest. We also needed to plan for the events properly. We had a good budget so we decided to seek help from Curley Tail Design Inc. as they have always had a good reputation in the city. And that was a blunder!
When we reached their office we were welcomed really well and we were really impressed with the warmth that we received. They agreed to help us out. But of course they needed us to pay them in advance. We agreed to do so. They promised us that we would receive the delivery of the brochures within two weeks after which they would be contacting us for the event planning the money for which we had already paid them. Two weeks went by. Three weeks went by. We did not receive any delivery. We contacted them and we were shocked to face their reaction! They said that they did not receive any order from us at all! They just lied in front of us! Of course we showed them the bill that they had provided us on the first day. They could not deny it anymore and apologized to us and promised that we would receive our delivery within that week. We did receive our delivery but it was three weeks later and there were ten brochures less in total. This made us very angry and we decided that we would not plan our events with this organization. We claimed a refund of money that we had paid for the event planning. They refused our claim. It was a disgusting experience.
Just stay away from such fraudulent organizations and save your time, money and energy.

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