The world is full of people who want their ears tickled on strategies for wealth creation and he exploits that only

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DAN PENA, a business man residing in the Scotland and is an American businessman, ironic isn’t it? Well, what could I say about Dan Pena, his full name is Daniel Steven Pena Sr. yes, that is right there is another of his kind probably named “Jr”? He basically started off into the wedding industry, but I guess he didn’t have the face for the same. He finally received his bachelor degree in the field of business administration from the San Fernando Valley State College in the year 1971. Well I am sure that must have been a pretty huge task and the best he could have achieved on his own. It was known that this was not true after all, he finally went on to be the founder and the chairman of the Guthrie Group, this was founded in the year 2002, probably took him that many years to finally accept the fact that he actually managed to get that degree. Like every other American businessman, having the money and rarely having a degree, he decided to start another company known as iZone-HUB. This company is basically the kind of company that allows the start-ups to be encouraged and go ahead with whatever they feel they should do. I wonder what it must be like to be a billionaire. This man basically must have had no clue himself regarding what he wanted to do in his life or what he wanted to take up as a career. That is why it probably took him that many years to finally build up his own company. Never does it say that these same successful businesses tried to help the wants of the others, what is the point in trying to help the people who can become like you, become like you! Rather help the people who cannot become like you, to become like you! But well I guess after all that is not as easy as opening up a company with a fancy name isn’t it? Well what do you actually do after building up such huge companies? I feel it is just a waste of time a source to earn more money, I genuinely feel that these are the same people that are responsible for the downfall of other weak and incapable people. What if business isn’t the field for other people but since you are a successful businessman promising the likes of the same people come there with hopes. I can assure you all that are reading this right now! They mention the amount of people that have finally been successful but they do not tell us the amount of people that have not been successful, because why would they do that? Even they need their company running and trust me even they have been affected by the introduction of GST. I feel that this man has been a billionaire at the cost of his heart and other peoples hard work. It is usually for those uncredited people who are willing to give away their hard work at the cost of these people.


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