Dave C. Lee, D.M.D

money sucker doctor

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Dr Dave Lee, Fayetteville dentist, someone people rely on so much. But what our eyes see is not the truth sometimes and we fail to look behind the actual truth. We find that people are working under them but how are they working.? Is this according to the niche of dentistry and medical science..?
I don’t think they are getting the best of what they can offer because machines are not what we want. Sometimes we want personal care and also some concerns to be handled.
Well for me the experience was the worst and I didn’t even expect the same to be so bad. I wanted to get the best service but what I got was really worst things to get in. They were unable to address my problem completely and instead of getting me problem free they got me to Worst more. The internal canine and I don’t know what they said me and explained about in medical terms instead of talking to patients in a lame language we understand appropriately.
This was not it, they also called me for a regular checkup and asked me daily fees and I got burdened by high charged money. Well, I’m totally that was definitely what I never expected my dentist to be. We want service, not a money sucker person who comes and takes up from his clients when and whenever he wants something.
I made a complaint as regards the same to the appropriate authority and also made a complaint to the board of medical science. Just hoping for appropriate action to be taken against them as soon as possible.
Hope this review will be helpful for people out there to save themselves from such bullshits so-called dentists who make your life worst to worst and try to extract as much money as they can to themselves.

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