I do not recommend this place, it is old and junky

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This was the worst, trust me the worst decision that I have ever made. Visiting this dentist just made me feel like it was better off with the pain rather than visiting him because now not only do I have more pain I even have the frustrated thought of paying so much and getting no relief. I literally felt like there was no point coming here with my problem because firstly the disorganized manner of attending the patients was the major pain that really made me want to walk off from the place that very moment if it was not for my pain I can assure you I would have surely just walked off from there. Even in explaining my problem to the doctor it seemed like he never really understood the problem and started to treat me for something else which in turn just ended up causing even more pain to my teeth and then when there was bleeding from my upper gums he suggested me some therapy that costed a lot and clearly took advantage of that situation of me being in pain and knew that I would be forced to go with that because he put forward no more alternative. It was as if he did that on purpose only to extract money out of me when the same thing could have been cured with much less pain and without even having to pay so much money. So if you think that you want to visit this doctor for any of your problems trust me it is the worst decision that you’re going to make because he clearly pretend not to understand the patients problem and just treats them for something that they do not even need to be treated for. Such a money-making racket this is!

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