Dearth Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

more of a toy shop than a garage

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Imagine having the worst experience in your entire lifetime, how would you feel when you actually went to try out something new and that ended up being the biggest mistake of your life and you regret that till the present-day time. I am sure that this kind of a bad experience may have led to you losing faith and not having trust in that company or business for sure! Owning a work shop or a garage is a very huge responsibility as a whole, but have you ever wondered what if the people running that garage never realized the same and went on only to make money out of their business irrespective of what happens to you or what does not happen to you is not their look out as long as they get their cheque from time to time. I wonder what does it take for one person to realize that running a garage is a very huge responsibility, because of the amount of lives that depend upon them. Dearth is said to be specialized in servicing and oil changing, which means that they are comparatively the best place you could go to get your jobs done. Well, but do they realize that? Even if they do it clearly seems that they have been taking that for granted and it has led to the disappointed of not one but many. I am sure that I knew it was a necessity to make an appointment before you visited any place, the same way it was compulsory to make an appointment before visiting this place with your problematic car. This was not the most surprising part; the most surprising part was when they always and most often happen to mix up the appointment dates and the timing. One thing is clear that this place is not run by professionals, this place seems to be run by a group of people who have no idea about what they want to do in their life. Ironically, they still ended up doing something which makes them the best in that place. I am sure that people there do not value the time. I am sure it does not take all day to change the oil, unless that could be possible when you do not know what oil is required to be put there. Is it just me who feels this way or are there more like me who feel the same as me? Well, when we researched more about this place over the internet and so, it seemed like there were various confused and not so satisfied customers. It seemed like most of the customers never had a clear idea as to why they were even there. Most of them demanded a more professional approach by the owners of that place or garage if you said so. That place seems more like a toy shop where they are making transformers, the workers out there clearly do not know what part goes into what place, well, in the end I guess we know where Hollywood get their ideas from!

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