Homer Skelton Hyundai

Definitely not a car good car buying experience

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I wanted to buy a second hand car when I got to know about this company from internet. I fixed an appointment online, as proper information about cars was not available there. When I went to company as per schedule, I was not greeted by any staff member as they were busy in talking to other clients. On asking about my schedule or appointment they told me that I did not have any appointment scheduled. The staff was rude and irresponsible as they did not help me but there was a gentleman Mr. Barry who was the only helpful person and was guiding me throughout the process of selection which was quite complex. He took all my instructions seriously and might have worked on it after which I was asked to come next day. When I reached there next day, they were closed. This was seriously too much for a customer.

They contacted me the next day and I made another visit but it was not worthy. Even now they did not have the model which I wanted and other similar model was expensive and this was how my whole day got wasted considering to the fact that they were so brain dead that they were showing me the model which was out of my budget. I somehow denied but still they were consistently forcing me to buy the one what they want to sold. As I clearly told them about my budget and needs along with this, I clearly instructed them to call me when they got one. In a week they called me to took a test drive of Hyundai Santa Fe.

I went there for the test drive. The car was brought and it was not in good condition. I was used for years though I took the test drive and found that one has to exert more pressure on break and also its starring was not working proper. They told me that It’s just for test drive not for sale but the model that I wanted was newer hence test drive would have been a waste. Not only this, the price what those fools quoted was much higher and this whole chapter was a waste of time for me. Therefore, after such poor quality of service I backed out and did not contact them as they are unwise and ignorant.

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