I do not recommend this place for tamales !!!

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This place is such a junk! Trust me you would never ever want to eat from here again because this is probably the worst place I have ever eaten from. It was just because of my urgency that I was forced to have a meal from here and which made me regret for the rest of the time because trust me when I say this, I would have rather just been hungry than eat from here. Firstly, the place is so crappy that you would not even want to stand near it because it just seems like a dumping ground for the locals of that area and hygiene of that place is worse that the third grade sewer because of this could smell and there are literally rodents that can be seen running around that area from time to time. Trust me you would just want to feel like puking looking right at it. Secondly, they use so much of stale food that the taste also is so foul and bad that you would just want to either swallow it or spit the rest of it out. After eating this I am pretty sure and can assure you that you are not going to remember how a good tortilla actually tastes like or any good food for that matter. Eating from there this one time made me feel so sick and dizzy because of all the tastes and smell from that place it was just the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life eating from street side food stall. The rate for a matter of fact are so high it seems like you are actually ordering your food from a five-star hotel but when you actually happen to eat them it seems like your food just comprises of the left over from the food of a five-star hotel.

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