I tried it and it definitely wasn't fresh, very disappointed.

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Speaking of bad and stale food I just realized that this is one place that serves the best stale food ever. The sandwich I had eaten from here was so sour that it felt like I was actually munching on bacteria and fungi. The quality of their food is really poor trust me it is so poor that even the poor don’t want to eat from here. They have the audacity to serve the customer with stale food and charge them such high rates for eating something that was left over. It was so disappointing having to pay for something that was old and not fresh but also tasted very bad. It literally just ruined the taste on my taste buds and ruined all the further potential sandwiches for me. I just wanted to throw that sandwich away in the bin and walk out from there but that’s like throwing away so much money in the bin. They are just cheating the customers and minting out of them without even providing them with some edible food. The food here is so unhygienic and gross because of the surroundings it seems like a cafeteria in between a dumping ground or a junk yard. It felt like I was having dust as a complimentary dish because neither did they have their cutlery washed and kept for the next person. After eating from there I’m not sure if I may ever want to eat a sandwich ever again especially from the street stall be it genuine or not. This is exactly why I could not even go to work for the next three days because of how sick I was after eating that piece of junk that I had ironically even paid for. I just hope that none of you repeat the mistake that I made!

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