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extremely unprofessional and their work ethics are underwhelming

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I still regret the day I had decided to visit the Dental Blu clinic. This was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. Had I decided upon a different place, it would have been a much better option. Let me tell you about my experience. I had to get my wisdom tooth removed as I was suffering from severe pain since a couple of days. I had called them up and they asked me to visit the place as they do not book appointments over phone. So, I agreed to do the same and without any delay I reached the place the next morning. The staff was extremely arrogant and talked to me in a very rude manner full of attitude. But, since I was in extreme pain, I bore with their behaviour. The staff there is extremely unprofessional and their work ethics are underwhelming.
Finally, I saw the doctor and he didn’t seem to be experienced much. I was having pain and I needed to remove only the wisdom tooth. But, he insisted me to first have a total mouth cleanup and then go with a teeth restructuring and smile designing process. And then, my wisdom tooth would be removed and I will be set to go. But, I could not afford to pay such huge sum and I insisted to just remove my wisdom tooth. The greed for money was clearly seen on his face. He tried to convince me otherwise through several attempts and tactics. I kept on my words. He finally agreed. But, what he had done was beyond repair. I had to go through extreme pain while removing but the results were not up-to-the-mark. My teeth became misaligned and the gums have started bruising and bleeding. Please stay away from Dental BLU as they are total money mongers who do not value their customers.

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