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stay away, very bad dentistry

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Oh my god where do I even start with how unorganized and disrepute this company is! First of all, their higher offices and hierarchy is so unorganized, I wonder how they keep this company running. I was a former employee here and was so taken aback by the way they treat their patients, just because the assistants are not at all well trained, they are HEAVILY under prepared to be able to deal with patients. After this, their hiring and even firing process are so shady, honestly I am at loss of words, how can a healthcare facility have such an irresponsible hiring process!! They easily hire under qualified people so that they have to pay less, I am not even kidding.
Their payment policy is also so discouraging, like they do not give bonus for the present if you are not available for the next month. Like I did not receive bonus for the month of May just because I resigned on June, thank god I resigned though, nobody wants to work there.
Again back to the under trained employees, I have to stress this again, because this directly affects the poor patients. The higher ups take a considerable time to answer and they all have different answers and then the Call Center and Insurance team are so under qualifies, boils my blood even to talk about it ..They have zero attention to detail, even though they give big speeches about it in the office level. Such double standards!! On top of all these they do not even pay well even after making people work over time, Raises here are a joke! So as someone who has firsthand experience about this dentistry I urge you to stay away from here, irrespective of if you are a patient or potential employee

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