I don't believe he wants my business

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Have you ever expected something in return but then just ended up getting something that isn’t even close to what you expected? Trust me if you have no one can feel your pain as much as I do right now! These people here promised to remove ever single dent and scratch on the body of your vehicle which did not seem to be a really huge or change providing job given their reputation and the amount of positive reviews that they had been given over the internet. It was about time that I was going to find out how wrong and what a big mistake I had just committed for trusting them with my car. Given the situation of my car they were only supposed to remove the dents and scratches and polish my card and make it look just like new. Neither did they remove the dents but they just ended up giving them more scratches and deeper dents because it seemed like the people that were handling my vehicle were just trainees and it was so disappointing to see that, when I approached the owner for considerations it seemed like I was only supposed to get going with one apology from the owner which was so not unacceptable and trust me I regretted so much leaving my car in someone’s vigilance because they were just so unprofessional and careless. They didn’t even bother to compensate for my loss but they also ended making me pay for something that they were supposed to do but did not end up doing it because they did not know how t cover up for the mistakes that they had committed. I was so disappointed with the kind of service they had provided and there was no other choice rather than to actually pay through my nose and get it done through someone else.

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