Denver Periodontics & Implant dentistry

Scam and fraud

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Implant dentistry is not that easy a job and a dentist should be chosen for the same after a lot of research that needs to be conducted before we actually choose them. An Implant process needs a lot of care and also very fine hands to work on and according to me Denver Periodontics and Implant dentistry don’t even deserve a 1 star for their service. They deserve a negative remark for what the got to offer their customers.
Dr Heather Richardson is the one who runs this place and is called to be very kind and a truth speaker who makes his patient’s fears reach somewhere where the same was not at all expected to be. Well, they think they provide the best laser and other services but they actually fraud their customer with some sort of light which is implanted therein for faking. First they say that you got this issue that issue, then they give hell loads of medicines and finally a lot visit after visits they finally say that sir, we offer you laser treatment and it is highly recommended for you to have so that your dental care can be done in a better way and can be protected for further year too. This was too bad from their end and the same was said to me when in actual I went there to take their service. After visits and visits finally, they recommended me the same and that too when I had no such issue in my canines. I was ready to pay and did pay for once but later on, knowing the truth I stopped, changed my dentist and started getting better care for sure.
I won’t recommend their service to anyone and even ask you guys to confirm before you take any laser surgery from another dentist too in order to check if or not you are being frauded.

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