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never trust them if you in emergency

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Last month I faced one of the most harrowing experiences of my life when I took my daughter to the DeStefano Family Dentistry Clinic after she went through a traumatic experience during her ballet lessons on the afternoon of 18th March.
On the fateful day, I dropped my daughter off at her ballet class at 4 pm on my way to my evening shift at the local pharmacy where I work. At around 5:40, while I was attending to a few customers, a call came from the ballet school saying that my daughter had a nasty fall and had broken her two front teeth. I reached the scene as soon as I could and I saw my daughter sitting there crying while her ballet teacher was consoling her and applying gauge to stop the bleeding. Just when I was fearing that my sixteen year old daughter was going to be toothless for her entire life her teacher spotted me and beckoned me. I went and took my daughter while he went to his office and retrieved a glass jar which was originally used to store gauge and hence was sterile, and inside it were the two broken teeth.
With tears of gratitude in my eyes and thanking the ballet teacher profusely I hurried to the nearest dentistry. Being in the pharmacy business I knew that the DiStefano Dentistry was the nearest and I had heard rave reviews about them from a few customers. So I sped to the clinic without further ado.
On reaching there the doctors were extremely prompt and fixed her teeth back, but in the process set her teeth crookedly which made her look weird. Upon asking them repeatedly what went wrong they said that the tooth was broken. Refusing to give up I went to another doctor for a second opinion the following day. He took a careful look, did a thorough checkup and said that he could correct it. And true to his word he fixed my daughter’s teeth albeit at a hefty fee. He explained that the extra fee was due to the teeth being wrongly set which he had to undo and redo which increased the work for him.
Not only did the DeStefano Family Dentistry fail to help my daughter properly, they set the tooth wrong which cost me way more than double the original amount needed. I’d strongly advise people against visiting them no matter what the emergency because they have proved that they can’t be trusted.

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