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they seem to have no idea what they are doing

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Being in the business for 26 years, you would think a company would have made the right decisions for improving itself, but Detroit Internet Marketing just proves everyone wrong. They have not been the best out there, although the opposite can be said out loud. It is truly a nightmare for a business to find their spot over the internet, then lose it all over again due to the mishap of another company that was meant to help you after all.
This happened a few weeks ago when my boss had set out to expand the business ventures of our company. We already had a website and were looking alright, but the man at the top was looking for something more. He took the help of Detroit Internet Marketing to improve the SEO, increase mobile compatibility and start email marketing. He had big hopes for the company seeing as he had already invested so much. However, it all ended up in a disaster when the marketing company messed everything up. They made certain changes and improvisations which simply did not reflect our business. We were really unsure about it, but they guaranteed incredible results. So, we waited, and waited and waited, till the monthly statistics came in informing us about the huge loss that had been sustained. There were no new customers, and even the old ones had decreased dramatically. The bounce rate was going off the roof and people had now started becoming sceptical of us. Why wouldn’t they? Our company stood for something else, and it portrayed something different altogether online. My boss had to go to our old marketing manager to get it all fixed again. It was a damage that had tainted our reputation and business. Never trust Detroit Internet as they seem to have no idea what they are doing. Playing with someone’s credibility like this is not only awful, but also unprofessional.

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