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had a bad experience.

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Diablo Vista Dental Care has to be the biggest scam there is. My younger brother often had a difficult time at school because of how his front teeth looked and he had made up his mind very young that as soon as he was eighteen and collected enough money from his summer jobs, he would go for a procedure. So I was not surprised when he came to me one day and asked me to accompany him. He said he had done some research and that the dental care services looked good enough and should be able to help him. He had already gone for his initial checkups. Well, I accompanied him to 3631 Main St and felt all looked good enough. This was to be cosmetic procedure that would realign his teeth and gums. The procedure took about two hours and it was hard to say anything at first. At first, we were told that it was to be a day procedure but once it was done, they said it would be best if my brother stayed overnight. That would definitely cost a lot of extra money and I brother had not saved so much. Unable to leave him like that, I offered to pay for him. I also informed my parents at this point who were away for the summer. I assured my brother I would return the next morning but that very evening I got a text from him urging me to go as soon as possible. I drove like crazy and on reaching found his writing in pain and the nurse simply told me that the doctor was gone for the day. With the little money I had, I immediately shifted my brother to the local hospital and he is doing fine now. I told my dad what happened and they are on their way back, and we are going to take the required steps against them.

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