Diamond K Eye Care

doctors are cheating day and night to earn a few bucks more

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Though the clinic claimed that they are serving people since decades but you will hardly find a review where they got praised. And this only signifies their behavior, treatments, and quality. They never had been praised at all. But they are filled with many controversies. And one main reason is their Apple-like pricing they are charging. They claimed that they had served many people for free who can’t afford the fees. But you will hardly find any person like that. One of my friends went there to check his normal eye problem but he was treated as a cancer patient and was charged a heavy amount after giving a big list of medicines which probably he didn’t need.

Also, maximum time they are in hurry. They even don’t see next options if you accidentally say ok to them. Its not what we needed. We are not paying hundreds of dollars to feel insulted over others. And also, the kind of attitude they have is worthless to mention.

It’s better to avoid such clinics and find alternatives of such clinics to save ourselves as well as our money and time. So, don’t get into such loop where you can’t get out of since years.

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