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This place is a big joke in name of a dentistry

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NEVER EVER COME TO DICKEY DENTAL AND BE FOOLED BY THEIR GREAT REVIEWS ONLINE!! I have had a horrible experience there and I am never going back there. So last April because my husband needed to get his routine dental checkup done, after waiting for a long time in the clinic (in spite of having an appointment) he was called in. After checkup we were told that he needed to have his root canal done, and they had already done an X ray and tooth filling and sent him to the specialist for examination to carry out the root canal, (without our consent btw, they did not even ask if that is where we wanted to carry out the treatment, but we let it pass). So he did the root canal, and after that we were told that he needs two more root canals to be done, because the doctor who checked the first time didn’t know and might have gotten confused!! WHAT! They expect us to stand in a dentistry and listen that the doctor does not know what he is doing?! Seriously!!! When I started to protest they tried to shut me up by saying that “We are telling for your own good only, if you don’t listen your loss”. Can you believe? First they have the audacity to do such a blunder and then talk back to me!! However then they filled his caps and told us to come back after one month, and when we went, my husband was examined for FIVE MORE ROOT CANALS there and they even changed the price every time we went there!! Despite all the treatment, and only in a month’s span how is it possible!! This place is a big joke in name of a dentistry and I hope it gets paid for that

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