Donation Nation

What a game. I felt ripped off and cheated.

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I was always sceptical about them and the whole concept actually, and I was not wrong. If I am donating something, am I not already doing my bit for the environment and society? Donating is a form of reusing. Instead of going to the landfill, the item I donate goes to someone who needs it. So I am being environmentally friendly. The other thing, the item that I donate to these guys is sold by them with some touch ups if required. So they are going to make money from it. And they use it for a good cause and also to ensure that the organisation which aims to go green and reduce landfills and encourage donating keeps on running properly. I don’t see anything wrong in it. But if you are going to charge me for donating stuff that you are going to sell and earn money and then donate or do whatever good, it’s like I am being charged so that you could earn some good deeds. How is that fair or even logical? The explanation I keep getting is that they save you time and fuel and energy. I could save all of that by not donating too. So, that explanation does not make sense to me, nor does it encourage donation for me.

But, I always like to give everyone a chance to make sure that I understand the other side too and have the experience before I speak. So I arranged a pick up of an old mattress and a large bookshelf for donation. I got a quotation of around $115. I worked out how much it would cost me to hire a truck for the same items and it turned out to be less than this. And I did not have to go further to rest my case

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