Dr. Andrew Jacono

My experience and outcome are nowhere NEAR what he publicly boasts and posts incessantly

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Dr. Andrew Jacono is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. I read about him in a magazine and was thrilled at first to learn about his successful procedures and all the positive reviews from his patients. My sister had always wanted to have rhinoplasty as she had a bump on her nose since birth.
I informed my sister about Dr. Andrew, the appointment was booked but after that, the horror happened. In the beginning, her nose was perfectly fine but after a few days it started itching and red sore spots started forming around the nose and cheek area. As Dr. Andrew already mentioned some slide side effects, in the beginning, we didn’t make much of it. We expected the itching to lessen within a few days and the red spots might vanish but they didn’t, in fact, they started going out of hand. We immediately contacted the doctor and went for a checkup, after examining my sister the doctor explained to us that my sister has extremely sensitive skin and that is why the plastic surgery is not going well with her natural biological combination. Also according to everyone, it wasn’t the doctor’s fault but we believed that it was absolutely His fault as he should have first got my sister tested to see if the plastic surgery will sit well with her face or not.
My sister had to get another surgery done from a different doctor that was a huge process and due to which my sister is still suffering from inflammation, micro abscesses, and purulent. It was a soft tissue infection according to the second doctor though he tried to reverse previous blunder my sister wasn’t totally healed. It was one of the worst medical experience our family had to face and I will never recommend Dr. Andrew to anyone ever again.

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