Dr. Charles R Kays, MD

I really do not how he managed to built such a practice.

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My experience with Charles R Kays, was not good at all and I really do not how he managed to built such a practice. I had always felt conscious of my body due to my heavier bottom which made me look disproportionate. I was never really fat but the bottom of my body, especially my buttocks were extremely large and I looked awkward and always had difficulty finding appropriate clothing. Well, I when I went to Wilmington Plastic Surgery at 1404 Commonwealth Dr, I was told that it was an easy problem to fix, and that my buttock would be sculpted exactly the way I wanted. So, with trepidation I went in for the surgery and the results were not at all what I had expected. I was told that there would be some scars which would heal over time. But it was much worse than that. My buttocks feel uneven and it seemed they had sagged. They had lost their firmness and I was not happy with their shape at all. Moreover, the area around my belly also seemed to be affected and the thighs seemed to stick out of nowhere. I went in for the post- op treatment after a few days as scheduled but the doctor simply refused to listen to my concerns and insisted all was well and that things would get fuller and firmer with time. It has been three months since the surgery and there has been no improvement with how I look, except for the scars reducing. I am even more conscious of my body than I was ever before and I don’t think I will ever find anything flattering. I cannot believe that I dished out such an exorbitant sum of money for the procedure and that I will have to do so all over again if I visit another plastic surgeon to fix what Wilmington Plastic Surgery did to me.

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