Dr Darla Booth DC

She should not be even allowed to treat adults, let alone children!

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You will find the mention of a chiropractor any time back pain comes up. However, it is not very safe to opt for such manipulations in your spine. It can be insanely dangerous and can cause worse pain than before, especially if you are being treated by an untrained, inexperienced person. Dr Darla Booth DC practices chiropractic methods for adults and children, and let me just say that the experience has scarred me for life!
I had gone to her clinic for some readjustments and treatment as I was feeling a searing pain in my back for quite some time. I was searching for a chiropractor when I came across her, and she seemed experienced with two decades on her timeline. After making an appointment, I went down there only to find myself waiting for two hours. I had an appointment and I was on time, yet I had to sit with the pain. Finally, after the wait when I am called in, when my treatment begins, she seems to be a little unsure with her hands. I saw her texting on her phone and trying to treat me at the same time. I called her out and she paid full attention to me then. This went on for quite a few sessions. Even after weeks, instead of feeling better, it seemed the pain was increasing in weird manner. I was having trouble even lying down in the same posture for too long. I told this to Dr Darla, but she continued with the same methods. I had to cancel my appointments with her and go to another chiropractor before I lost my spine permanently. It has been some weeks and I feel much better now, which goes to prove there was something Dr Darla Booth was not doing right and she did not even acknowledge that. This kind of a careless, nonchalant and casual behaviour in such a sensitive treatment is horrifying to experience. Please stay away from her! She should not be even allowed to treat adults, let alone children!

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