Horrible staff. Unprofessional. To busy to talk to you. Relies on staff to much.

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The worst thing you can ever want and the last thing you would ever look for in a doctor would be negligence and trust me there was nothing less that negligence that was shown by the man here. I approached him with a problem a month ago and I knew that there was something wrong with me because otherwise i am not the one who would want to spend money at a doctor, when I reached here the atmosphere was so different unlike at the other doctors I have ever been to. Here, the staff at the desk were just not really bother about who came in and who went but it is almost about every time that we avoid the fact about patient management and let the staff treat us in the rudest of rudest way only because we feel that once we visit the doctor everything us going to be alright. When I told him about my problem, he started and gave me that look like as if I had asked him a question that was not even in the syllabus which scared me a lot more than I already was. Later be just makes me lay down on the bed and the bed i must tell you was so dirty it smelt so bad it looked like he had just slaughtered someone over that same bed. He started to check me, the problem I had was internally paining but he was just checking to see if I had the flu. He started to ask me all weird question and then makes me go for an x-ray and says he was not very sure what was wrong with me after the x-ray and all he makes me come there and make note that he is making me pay consulting fees although he isn’t able to diagnose what exactly is wrong with me.

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