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suffered a trauma

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I am a kindergarten teacher and one of my colleagues has a 6 year old daughter. This is to inform everyone that the poor, sweet child had to go through the worst experience of her life after they visited Pediatric Dental Care for her regular tooth checkup. They had visited the clinic at 213 Main St and went there after fixing an appointment by calling +1 978-694-4100. On reaching there, they found that the place was not a very comfortable and welcoming one for the children. My colleague however, decided that it was high time that her daughter had the dental check up and besides, she had also paid for the appointment. It should be said that the staff there were completely unequipped to look after the needs of the children. As soon as the Linney, my colleagues daughter, was placed on the examination bed, she had begun to cry like most children do. However, instead of being calm and composed, the dentist was quite harsh with her as she was told to keep quite. Moreover, when my colleague wanted to take her away finally seeing how upset she was, they would not let her. There were two nurses who in fact told her that she was just causing extra trauma to the girl by being paranoid. My colleague could see that the dentist was rough with her daughter even during the examination and even though they did not give any negative report, the girl was very upset by this time and my colleague is wondering whether she would ever be able to take her again for a dental appointment. Once she came out of the clinic she tried doing some research and found out that many other parents also had such disturbing stories to tell about the place and they would never bring their children there again.

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