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Their carelessness can cost you your life

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Dr. Max Buchwald D. D. S. a very well-known dentist and even I was one of his very loyal patients. I use to travel for two hours just to make a visit. But some days ago something happened and I have lost trust in this doctor.

I had some problem in tooth from past few days so I decided to consult a doctor. I thought it would be cavity or something. Surprisingly, this time it took a lot of time to fix the appointment. And it did not take up the appointment online on the website. Luckily, I had the number of one of the nurses who helped me fixing the appointment.

I reached there on time but had to wait for two hours because there were several patients that day. So despite having an appointment I had to wait. The doctor asked me to get x- rays of the mouth done. The staff said that there was only one machine operating at their clinic so it would not be possible to get the x- ray done today itself and asked me to come some other day. I had to rush for the x- ray at some other pathology even when I knew that all that is part of treatment and is included in the fees I paid.

The x- ray reports I showed to the doctor. Maybe he was not very pleased about getting the x- ray reports from some other pathology. Also, there were many patients so he was in a hurry to look to all of them. He did not even paid attention to the problems I was facing. I asked if there was an infection in the tooth for almost three times. He denied to that. He just gave me some pain killers and that the filling is required to be done and if the pain stops by the medicines and tablets I need not to worry. The filling can be done anytime I wish.

I had an event at home and I was busy in that and then I got a message from the clinic that I need to visit the clinic as soon as possible. Next day I received an email regarding the same. So, I dialled their number to exactly know the issue because it was just a week that I visited there and now everything was fine. They did not discuss anything I in detail and asked me to come as soon as possible. Upon reaching there I came to know that doctor that day had read someone else’s report considering them to be mine. And that now I have tooth infection which needs to be operated immediately else it could have serious outcomes.

I was shaken hearing all this. Their carelessness could cause me anything. My efforts to make a visit to this doctor seems to be wasted as he has no seriousness in his work. They tried to give me discount so that I do not let this matter come up. But this is very wrong. This is unprofessional behavior. So I have decided to make visit to nearby doctor only and will not recommend anyone to go over there.

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