Dr Mona n Patel D.M.D.

The doctor is negligent and unethical

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I went for my checkup to doctor Patel clinic, thinking of her as a respectable and prim and proper doctor. Pointing out the atmosphere and professionalism of doctor Patel’s office and staff, I have to say that her staff consists of untrained and unskilled and incompetent dental assistants. When I entered her clinic neither the receptionist nor any of her staff greeted me. As I settled in the waiting room doing nothing I thought of getting a quick tour around her office. Her office also lacked in the newest technology required. I found the office very dirty shabby and unhygienic. The room was in a mess and disorderly organised. There was no order and discipline among her staff. The staffs were not aware of their respective jobs and duties. Also they lacked in politeness.
After about 1 hour she arrived. My patient visit was shot. She asked me a few questions most of which were not important at all. After some time she got a phone call and became busy talking over phone. I was greatly pissed off at her unprofessionalism and lack of dedication to her work. I was suffering due to the impacted wisdom teeth which caused swelling, pain and infection of the gum tissue. The medicines recommended by doctor Patel were of no effect. Due to callousness on her part I had to go through oral surgery and my teeth had to be extracted surgically. The doctor is negligent and unethical too.
I am completely dissatisfied with my visit to doctor Patel’s office. I found her ungrateful, not kind and dedicated. Seriousness was lacking in her. I regret going to doctor Patel’s office for my checkup. She is not at all dignified and trustworthy. Neither is her staff. Both are ignorant, incompetent, inefficient, unskilled and untalented.

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