Dr Nikhil S. Wagle

The doctor has ruined my friend eyesight

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Claiming to be the product of private and public sectors of the education system, Dr Nikhil S. Wagle promises to know the best insights on the required changes. However, it is shocking to see how a person can ignore so many flaws about himself to begin with. An ophthalmologist at the Eye Surgeons Associates, Dr Wagle has been a part of many controversies. I have seen one first-hand. My friend had gone to him for a cataract removal surgery. With assurances of best in class experience, she was duped with a huge bill and unclear vision. She had to be rushed to the emergency room immediately due to her condition. It is a huge mess up on the doctor and the institution’s part as they decided to support such people who do not have proper knowledge and dedication in the field.

I tried to talk to them on my friend’s behalf, but was instantly cut off. There was no positive response from their side and it seemed they were not even ready to accept their fault. Being an experienced doctor, it is a shame to see him act so immorally and take no responsibility whatsoever. It is my advice to stay away from such a place where patients are only loved for their money and then dumped off instantly after their work is done. My friend consulted Dr Nikhil S. Wagle because of the institution’s recommendation, and look how she has ended up. She is still in recovery and is looking forward to consulting a trustworthy ophthalmologist. The doctor has ruined my friend eyesight and put her through the worst experience of her life. It is people like these who make others in the same profession seem doubtful. He should not be allowed to perform surgeries if he is not aware of the risks being taken up. The irresponsive behavior he portrayed, along with negligence is a horrific combination which cost my friend’s health.

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