Dr Randy Daniel, DDS

to remove 1 bad teeth, you need to lose 4 more !!!

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These dental service providers say that they try to keep good teeth, remove bad teeth and try to save ones which can be. Something like this was what I read at their site and decided to take their service. Not the point was what according to them was a bad tooth because I remember I went there with one bad tooth and lost 5 extra.

All they said me was that dear you can end up losing more if we don’t remove them. Don’t wry we are providing you with the best Care but it was not Best, it was painful and worst was the after effects of the same.

The service was not at all comfortable and I remember it to be my first and worst ever service. After them, I went to some other dentist who was nearby and found that what they claimed to be bad was just a good one and all they did that for what.? For showing that they care or for selling our teeth.?

Medical College of Virginia, he studied there right.? So did my friend and he is such good a doctor on today’s date and what’s up with him exactly.? Why Mr Randy became a money sucker who called his patient again and again so that he can receive is service and also can make them feel that they care but in actual they don’t.

They won’t prevent as they say but they will follow an aggressive approach and neither will they answer any questions nor are they welcoming to any comments. So what the purpose is to be a part of such service providers who are just meant to fraud us by means of their words. Personally, I don’t recommend them to anyone and neither will I do so in future. Still, try out your luck in case you want to.

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