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rude, annoying doctor

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We went there for my wife tooth problem as her molar decayed and needed to be uprooted.She was suffering for a long time and she got the recommendation from a friend so we went to this dentist. However, he has a good feedback but what we faced was a little different from others.First of all he seem to be in a very bad mood on that day and hardly spoke to us. He just asked us what was the problem and when we told her he seemed to look blankly on our faces and it was difficult to understand whether he was listening to us or not as he seemed to be lost.After my wife finished explaining her problem he just nodded and checked her tooth and wrote something on the prescription and handed it over to us.He did not even tell us anything himself and justtold us to see him on the date given in the prescription.
When we returned on the date when the tooth was to be uprooted we had to wait for about 45 minutes before he called us in. That day he seemed to be very busy and carried out the procedure in a hurry. The way he rushed off really annoyed us because he was not willing to answer our questions about post care. He just told us to do whatever she wanted to. That was said in a very casual way. There was no assurance from him to his patient. He was not at all courteous and friendly.

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