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Not so professional as they project themselves

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When it comes to the capturing the crucial and the most memorable moments in your life you want it to be perfect irrespective of how much it costs and how troublesome it may be to get them to do that for you provided you get the best service without having to compromise any further. I was very confused and worried as to which company I should trust and give the contract to, but when I got to know about the dragonfly design photography that undertakes such contracts are a very good group when it comes to this because from people and reviews on the internet it seemed like they were the best in this field. Comparing the review to those of the others it seemed like they had no kind of competition at all. Least did we know that people were being paid to do such paid promotions for the company. But at that moment I did not even bother to think about that and I decided that I would go ahead and call them, so, like every professional before they could start their work, they decided to ask me what and how should the work be done and what was it that I was actually, expecting from them. I told them the kind of expectations that I was having from them and that I hope they delivered the same to me. Sooner or later it seemed like the people that were working there never really knew what they had to do; it was like a situation where they didn’t even know where to start off.

It had been a few hours that they were just sitting and pretending to admire the wall in front of them, I wonder if the wall had the answers to them questions or did they actually sit and take a moment to admire the wall because trust me if they took a moment to admire the wall, that moment had been long gone by now! When I approached them and asked them if there was any kind of an issue with the wall, they said that they didn’t have the equipment with them at that moment and they asked me I they could start the next day. I mean, I was paying them by the day and all I they did today was come and find out what kind of expectations I had. Later, I decided to call the office and find out what were the issue and they ended up telling me that all their employees are well equipped with all the tools for all the situations. Seemed pretty strange at first because of the answer that the employees in me house gave me, later on I discovered that those employees were just trainees and were new with the least of the least job experience. Lucky enough I never had them start breaking any kind of a wall, or else I would have probably had to hire someone else this time to restructure whatever they had demolished in the name of restructuring.

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