Drip Hydration

Never again am I going to hire their services.

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My family had the most difficult experience ever when we tried to hire the services of Drip Hydration. My father had undergone an accident and he had suffered multiple fractures which greatly restricted his mobility. Hence, we had to enroll the services of Drip Hydration so that they can come around for the in home IV infusions. Firstly, we had a lot of trouble getting in touch with them when we called +1 888-483-7471. It seemed that there was no one at the other end of the phone and the number simply went on ringing without any response. Eventually, when an assistant of sorts received our call, she said they were too as all their mobile units were on call. We believed them at first and fixed a schedule for them to come around. However, no one came around at the designated time. By this time, we had only relied on them and there were no other mobile IV infusion services that we were aware of so we simply had no choice but to wait for them. Eventually, a van did come around and two people disembarked and came to our home with what seemed like really outdated equipment. They did set up the IV and started the infusion after some tests but there was no improvement in my father’s health. The pressure started to drop and we had to call an emergency paramedic and eventually take him to the hospital. The period was extremely traumatizing for us and had we not acted on time, we would have lost him today. Their services are no good and the drips they provide are probably just salt mixed with water! We had the most difficult time in our life but it taught us a lesson. Never again am I going to hire their services.

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